Sunday, April 25, 2010

Light Follower - 2 Axis

Here it is - My rendition of a 2-axis light follower. I went ahead and clipped the IR Cam from the wiimote to cut down on weight. I put the camera along with the required oscillator in a project box (from radio shack). I also included an LED on the box; it lights up when light is seen by the camera. A serial port is used to connect the box to the microcontroller.
Here are some Pictures:

Here is a video:
Here is a link to the code:


  1. Impressive!!!
    How did you connect the IR camera to arduino?

  2. The camera is a I2C communication device (a Two Wire Interface). The atmega series in the arduinos support I2C. Analog Pins 4 and 5 on the arduino board are designated for I2C Data and Clock.

    I found the correct code from others who figured it out first.

  3. Thank you for your response!
    I searched for instructions on interfacing the Wiimote camera to arduino, and got little confused!... :(
    A clock circuit is definitely needed. But, could you please tell if LTC4301L (bus voltage converter) is necessary?
    Thanks again!

  4. It is recommended; However I did not use the level converter. If you wanted to do everything as 'up to spec' as possible then you should. There is no information out there on voltage limitations of the Wiimote's Camera.

  5. not sure if this is monitored any more, but I am trying to duplicate this project and have run into a problem. I am using 2 continuous rotation micro-servos and when I connect them to the arduino (and power them with an external power source) they go crazy, turning by themselves with no evidence that they are following an IR source. I have checked the pvision code and the wii camera setup using a blob tracking program and that setup works great. Is there something in the code provided by you that i am missing? any help would be appreciated!!